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Social Studies

Welcome to Social Studies at Bronx Green Middle School! This year, our students will be immersed in history and learn about a range of topics.  Students will be able to relate what they learn in class to current world and/or national events. 

Social Studies Requirements

In addition to their classwork and smaller assignments, all students at BGMS will be expected to demonstrate mastery of Social Studies content through the following: 

  • Writing Assessments in the form of Argumentative, Informative or Research Essays
  • Document Based Question's (DBQ's) 
  • Project's (including posters, PowerPoints, Prezis, and oral presentations)
  • Quizzes, Tests, and Extended Response Assessments
  • Exit Project (in the Spring)

Grade 6

Grade 6 students study the geography and history of the Eastern Hemisphere, including the development of cultures and ancient civilizations.  In this course, students are provided the opportunity to explore belief systems across time and to examine the foundations of democracy.

Check out the Grade 6 Social Studies website for more information!

Grade 7

Grade 7 Social Studies is arranged chronologically and incorporates geography as well as economic, social, and political trends. The course content spans from pre-Columbian times until the Civil War, with a focus on the people, events, and places in New York State as applicable.

Grade 8

Grade 8 Social Studies picks up where the 7th grade leaves off.  The course content traces the human experience in the United States from Reconstruction to the end of World War II.  The curriculum incorporates geography as well as economic, social and political trends.

Field Trips

BGMS students go on exciting field trips to enhance their understanding of the Social Studies curriculum.  Our students visit historical places such as:

  • The Museum of Natural History
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Washington, D.C
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