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Vision Statement:
UNITED, preparing EVERY STUDENT for undeniable SUCCESS.

Mission Statement:
All Bronx Green Middle School stakeholders will effectively collaborate and prepare every student with the skills and knowledge to become exceptional learners and leaders. We will provide an environment conductive to learning in which every student can advance academically, socially and emotionally.

Core Values
  1. We are committed to professional collaboration across content areas that is guided by aligning teacher practice to the Common Core Learning Standards to advance student outcomes.
  2. We engage in meaningful work to challenge student learning and promote academic, social, and emotional growth.
  3. Through optimism, compassion, determination, and creativity we establish an environment conducive to higher learning.
  4. We commit to being responsible, compassionate, and trustworthy role models who persevere for our students.
  5. We create a community culture that values fairness, compassion, and respect for all stakeholders.

2016-2017 Instructional Focus
If all Bronx Green Middle School staff members actively participate in Professional Learning Teams focused on questioning and discussion techniques to advance student learning, then students' ability to respond to high-quality questions and justify their reasoning with textual evidence will deepen comprehension across all disciplines.

School Info:
Founded in 2006, Bronx Green Middle School was the first middle school in the city to have a garden that was incorporated into the school's curriculum. Through Field Study classes, students learned how to properly care for a garden and use its proceeds in everyday life. 

Continuing that tradition, Bronx Green has evolved in its "green" ways by making a concerted effort to move away from paper waste.  In addition to helping the school become more eco-friendly, the push has also involved incorporating a significant amount of technology in classrooms and school.  These new innovations both prepare our students for the world ahead by making them technology savvy, and allow for innovative and creative teaching/learning methods.