Looking for Bronx Green Middle School?!?
Look no further...

2441 Wallace Avenue
2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10467

We are located in between two different 2 train stations.
Take the 2 train to Allerton Avenue or Pelham Parkway, followed by a short walk. Refer to map for more in depth instructions.

There is ample MTA bus service to and from the Bronx Green area. Please refer to the map above and the listed stops below for guidance. Clicking on each stop will provide you with more in-depth information about the MTA bus stops and routes.

A- White Plains Rd and Mace Ave
B- Waring Ave and White Plains Rd
C- Allerton Avenue and Holland Avenue
D- Allerton Avenue and Barnes Avenue
E- Allerton Avenue and Holland Avenue
G- Allerton Avenue and White Plains Road
H-Boston Road and Astor Aevnue
I- Allerton Avenue and Boston Post Road
J- White Plains Road and Allerton Avenue