Bronx Green Middle School Staff: 2017-2018

Spotlight on Staff

Did you know?

The entire teaching staff at Bronx Green Middle School are Highly Qualified in their teaching assignments.

(If you need to reach someone on the staff please feel free to email us at the addresses below)

Administrative Team Title Email
Charles Johnson Principal

Victor Rodriguez

Assistant Principal

Mercedes Vazquez Assistant Principal
Ken Moroney Dean
Denise Bobcombe Guidance Counselor
Russel Ryer Senior Advisor

Office Staff


Zarifa Muhammad Parent Coordinator
Maria Lorenz

Vicky Savelidis


School Aide- Office

Teaching Staff

Subjects Taught

Veronica Bacino ENL/English Language Arts (8th Grade)

Mynda Gunn

SpEd English Language Arts (Grades 7/8)

Karissa Sullivan English Language Arts (6th Grade)

Rose Marie Cifelli

Math (Grades 6/7)

Christopher Colt

Science (Grades 7/8)
Living Environment (Grade 8)

Angela Cuellar

Technology (Grade 6 & 7) 
Math (Grade 6)

Juan Cruz
Social Studies (Grade 8)

Domenique Pascucci

SpEd English Language Arts 
SpEd Math
SpEd Science

Deborah Howell

SpEd Math

John Florio
Social Studies (Grade 7)

Melissa Koblin

Math (Grade 7)

Camille Laird

Brian Byrne

SpEd Math (Grades 6/7)

ENL/English Language Arts

Lisa-Anne Moore

English Language Arts (Grade 7/8)

Andy Orloff

Art (Grades 7/8)

Tiffany Pope

Physical Education
Health (Grade 8)

Derick Ramirez

SpEd English Language Arts

Joseph Rivera

Math (Grade 7)

Harriet Servio-Battle

SETSS (all grades)

Michael Hamlett

SpEd Math & Social Studies

Cathlene Terbetski

Math (Grade 8)
Field Study (Grade 6)

Dorian Velasquez

Social Studies (Grade 6)
SpEd Social Studies (Grade 8)

Meghan O'Rourke

Lloyd Wright

English Language Arts (Grade 7/8)

SpEd English Language Arts

School Support



 Kevin Jacobs         School Aide      

 Kevin Martinez      School Aide