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Academic Enrichment

In addition to regular instruction the students of Bronx Green Middle School are offered extra learning opportunities that include:
  • Saturday Enrichment Academy
  • Test Prep Academy
  • Living Environment Prep
  • Integrated Algebra Prep
  • Specialized ELL Academies
  • Specialized High School Academies


8th Graders at Bronx Green Middle School have the chance to take a Ballroom Dancing class, where they will learn Salsa, Meringue, Tango, Foxtrot, Jitterbug, Waltz

Dancing Classrooms Mission Statement:
Our mission is to cultivate essential life skills in children through the practice of social dance. Our vision is to meaningfully participate in the development of schools and communities where every child is connected, respected, and provided a safe environment in which to thrive.

Through standards-based, in-school residencies, we use the vocabulary of ballroom dance to cultivate the positive feelings that are inherent in every child. The maturity necessary to dance together fosters respect, teamwork, confidence and a sense of joy and accomplishment, which we hope to bring to every child. Ballroom dance is the medium we use to nurture these qualities.

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